Commercial Skills

Our model is designed to improve the commercial skills of professionals and to increase the profitability of the business.

Our objective is to assist professional firms maximise profitability and improve client relationships. Our focus is on developing the commercial awareness of professional staff, as well as improving specific skills that directly impact on profitability and cash flow. This may involve training professionals in how to manage work more profitably, how to time record more accurately or how to manage client matters (transaction management) more effectively. We also work with clients on specific projects.

Case Studies

A leading Australian law firm asked us to improve their utilisation levels. We designed a time recording solution that was simple to implement and then set performance benchmarks at solicitor, practice group and firm level to evaluate change as it occurred. We then trained all professional staff and worked with the partners to micro-manage the change. Utilisation levels increased significantly as a result.

Another major firm asked us to deliver different modules across their Australian offices, to improve the commercial skills and client service of solicitors. These sessions focused on the commercial skills required by solicitors of different levels of experience in the firm.

We were asked to design a program for a major law firms leadership program. The firm had invited all their high potential senior staff and wanted us to focus on specific skills under an overall theme of increasing profit and developing client skills. We worked with partners, senior training staff and internal financial directors on the content, prior to delivering the program. We have since delivered the program for the last 3 years, continually refining the program on an annual basis.

A major firm asked us to design a facilitation session for their junior lawyers, focusing on the financial statements of a major client. The brief was not to turn the solicitors into accountants, but to equip them with a framework that helped them understand their clients business. With this foundation, the delegates were able to focus on specific actions they could take to increase their commerciality in the way they work and engage with clients.

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