Practice Profitability & Risk Management

Ted Dwyer is a well known specialist and innovator when it comes to financial and risk management for professional service firms. Our work is designed to increase the profitability and reduce the risk of client complaint and professional negligence risk, of a professional service firm.

Our consulting objective is to assist professionals to identify, as well as reduce, the risks in their business that may lead to complaints and professional negligence allegations. We also train professionals to help them understand how they can reduce risk in their businesses. We aim to achieve measurable changes and behavioural change, not just office manuals and compliance checklists.

We also specialise in helping owners to increase the profitability and cash flow of professional service firms.

Case Studies

A leading professional indemnity insurer asked us to investigate a set of high risk firms. We were asked to identify why the firms were being sued at a higher rate than others, as well as to identify specific recommendations to reduce the risk they posed. Our findings led the client to review their underwriting policy for all risks and a decision to extend the program to other high risks.

Several law firms have asked us to diagnose their current financial position, before putting into place new ways of increasing the profitability and cash flow of their firm. We use our own methodology to achieve these objectives for the owners of law firms.

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