Writing, Presentation & Communication Skills

This program is designed to improve the writing and presentation skills of professionals, including expert witnesses. Our programs increase the clarity and structure of written expression, as well as improving the confidence and power of professionals who need to present to others.

Case Studies – Expert Witness

A leading forensic dispute practice asked us to train their staff in Sydney in report writing skills. The delegates were a mixture of FTech and forensic accountants, with different challenges. As a result of this training, we were asked to train all staff in Australia, as well as work with the partners to produce a report writing methodology to improve consistency and quality across the practice.

Case Studies – Senior Managers

A major Australian company engaged us to improve the writing and presentation skills of their managers, after the CEO asked for an improvement in the quality of written reports and how they were presented to senior management. We designed a customised 2 day session that improved the reports written by managers and tested their presentation skills under pressure.

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